Sport Medicine Doctor

Sports Medicine Doctor

Duties and responsibilities: Examines and treats sport or athletic related injuries. Prescribes and administers patient medications. Monitors patient during sport events or physical activity and performs tests and prescribes medication and treatment, as necessary. Consults with patients to determine the appropriate course of treatment. Requires a degree in medicine from an accredited school and is licensed to practice. May require at least 2-4 years of sports medicine experience.

Salary: $202,790

Education: Most sports doctors are generally involved in sports or any physical activity. Sports doctors usually complete a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) or a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree. These degrees generally involve biology, biochemistry, anatomy, pathology, psychology, physiology, medical ethics and pharmacology.

Reflection: I would love to be a doctor but I still haven’t decided what kind of a doctor I want to be..


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