Pharmacy Technician

Duties and Responsibilities:When a patient brings a prescription to drop off at a local retail pharmacy, more often than not, a pharmacy technician will take the prescription and process it through the computer. Technicians may help to prepare and dispense medications prescribed to the patient. Pharmacy technicians are trained to carry out many different duties within a pharmacy; however, their main limitation is that they cannot counsel patients on drug-related inquiries and health matters. In recent years, the practice scope of pharmacy technicians has been gradually expanding as governments change the role of pharmacists to focus more on patient care.


Education:Pharmacy technician positions typically require a minimum of a high school diploma; however, most employers give preference to candidates with formal pharmacy technician training. Certification from an industry organization – such as the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) – may also be among the pharmacy technician requirements for many hiring companies. Applicants for pharmacy technician jobs are expected to demonstrate proficiency in such skills as customer service, communication, basic math and attention to detail. Filling prescriptions correctly is critical, as customers’ health and safety depends on it; which is why precision is a matter of the utmost importance for pharmacy technicians.

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