Bored With Chicken? Get Stuffed!

Phatman Pheasts

Are you like me? Do you find yourself getting bored with chicken breasts sometimes? UnrolledAre you as shocked as me that I just said breasts bore me? Unlike other cuts of meat like
pork, beef, or the sexy stuff like bison, rabbit or venison to name a few, chicken breast on its own is kind of tasteless. Just like my breast joke. It’s a bit like a sponge that absorbs whatever flavors you fuse with it. But hey, it’s one of the things that almost no kid in the world will bitch about eating so we end up eating it often enough.

I’ve got a few recipes for chicken breasts that I make regularly but when your kids want to eat this stuff twice a week you gotta start figuring out new ways to handle your breasts. You know what I mean? So imagine my shock and joy when my girlfriend…

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