Bacon Avocado Rolls

Amsterdam and Beyond

This story starts as many good stories do – with a big, hot plate of crispy bacon. IMG_8845I could end the story right here, and I think we (aside from the vegetarians) would all go home happy. But since it’s not socially acceptable to sit down and eat an entire plate of solely bacon, I’ll give you a recipe to go along with it. And I’ll make it a quick and easy one, since I know mankind can only be so virtuous around a tempting stack of sizzling bacon. IMG_8850To get started you’ll need three ingredients – bacon, avocado, and croissant rolls – the crispy flaky kind that come in a little pop-can. Pop open your party of fun (the croissant rolls) and lay them out flat on a clean surface.IMG_8857Then, slice open your avocado and spoon out a good chunk on the base of each roll. For four…

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