Biscuits and Ribs



Besides steak, ribs are my all time favourite protein. I found this recipe which employs my slow-cooker (yay to little or no thought required cooking!) After it is done in the slow-cooker, you bake it in the over to get that nice crust and to sauce it up real nice. 

Now these biscuits… I’m sorry but I am going to tell you now they are not Paleo! I made them for my sig other who was craving Red Lobster-type biscuits. If you haven’t tried these, good! Don’t do it! They are so delicious they may make you throw this whole Paleo idea out the window. I wont even publish the recipe since I don’t want to tempt you. If you are in the mood for a warm biscuit, there are a lot of recipes out there that use coconut or almond flour but you will pretty much always be…

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