Physical therapist

Duties and Responsibilities:

Physical therapist jobs are found in many medical and clinical settings, including orthopedic treatment centers, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, home health settings and more. Physical therapist jobs generally involve evaluation and treatment of individuals of all ages and abilities suffering from injuries or illnesses affecting physical functionality. The PT also works to devise customized physical rehabilitation plans to enhance flexibility, strength, range of motion, and motor control, while reducing pain, discomfort and swelling. Job seekers should note that physical therapist job responsibilities can be demanding and generally require good physical condition. 


$76,310 per year 
$36.69 per hour


The mission of PT professional education is to graduate knowledgeable, service-oriented, self-assured, adaptable, reflective practitioners who, by virtue of critical and integrative thinking, lifelong learning, and ethical values, render independent judgments concerning patient/client needs that are supported by evidence; promote the health of the patient or client; and enhance the professional, contextual, and collaborative foundations for practice. These practitioners contribute to society and the profession through practice, teaching, administration, and the discovery and application of new knowledge about physical therapy experiences of sufficient excellence and breadth to allow the acquisition and application of essential knowledge, skills, and behaviors as applied to the practice of physical therapy. Learning experiences are provided under the guidance and supervision of competent faculty, in both the classroom and the clinic.



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