Warthogs are Ugly but they are made of Bacon



In my last blog entry, “And the Devil take the Hind-Most,” I discussed some of the recent and most visible Social Media disasters. Today I’m going to discuss how to make an ugly situation work for you. Most of us are in at least one situation we consider capital “U” Ugly. For many of us that ugly situation is Social Media.

Say you have a successful company, built in a brick and mortar store, selling a physical product. You like your company, you like your product, and you like your customers. Suddenly your customers aren’t taking you seriously because you don’t have a website and a Facebook presence. Your coupon campaign in the Dollar Saver in the local grocery stores is no longer driving business because customers are “Googling” for coupons instead. Obvious solution? Get a Social Media presence, do it well, and retain your current customers. Starting a Social…

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