Class Presentation Post

Scott & Anthony

  • the first node was made in UCLA
  • the internet was finally available to the public in the 1990’s
  • AOL & Earthlink were the first to make internet public

Alejandra & Melissa

  • Lawerence Roberts was considered on of the creators
  • started in the 1960’s
  • 1971 ray tomlinson developed email
  • 1975 microsoft was invented
  • Cyberbully is a negative

Jonathan & Damian

  • developmentof electronic computers in the 1950’s
  • Father of the internet Vinton Gray “Vint” Cerf
  • Asia uses the internet the most which is about 39%
  • sputnick was sent up by the russians


  • internet represents a world wide broadcasting system
  • ARPANET grew into the internet
  • 95% of Iceland used the internet in 2011

Margarita & Bianca

  • the internet was created by not only one person
  • ARPANET- Advanced Research Project Agency Network
  • in 1974 was the first use of the internet by Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn
  • It began working in 1969
  • Queen Elizabeth sends her first email in 1976

Vanessa & Odalys

  •  a computer network consisting of a worldwide network of computer networks that use the TCP/IP network protocols
  • the first connection over the atlantic ocean happened 1973
  •  1988 a virus temp. shut down 10% of the worlds comp.
  • 2008 microsoft buys yahoo for 44.6 billion
  • 19% of married couples meet only
  • 1998

Steve & Marcos

  • internet was made for defense research
  • DARPA  was the name of the project
  • internet is used today for socializing, checking email, research, gaming, and work.

Antonio & Angelica

  • a computer network consisting of a worldwide network of computer networks
  • father of internet Vint Cerf
  • internet has changed business and it has advanced us
  • WiFi to receive a wireless internet connection
  • Vic Hayes father of WiFi

Kateryn & Juan

  • the invention of the telegraph, telephone, and internet has brought us into this stage of advancements
  • the first star of the 1960’s was the internet
  • communication, info, entertainment, and to socialize

Raul & Daniela

  • ARPANET was created as communication device for the military
  • Robert E. “Bob” & Vint Cerf are the founders
  • 1992 a group of students created netscape search engine
  • 4000 searches per second

Israel Diana Nataly

  • the internet is a network of networks
  • Time Berners introduces WORLD WIDE WEB (WWW)
  • 75% of all email msgs are considered total spam
  • 20 million people tweet every day

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