Athletic Trainer

Athletic Trainer

Duties and Responsibilities:

Athletic trainers work with athletic teams, athletes, coaches, and sports medicine physicians. They help develop training programs to prevent injuries as well as rehabilitation programs for the injured. They treat injured athletes under the direction of the team or sports medicine physicians. Before athletic events they will bandage, wrap, and affix braces to prevent injuries. They work on the muscles of the athletes before and after events. In addition, they may set up nutritional diets and meals for athletes in training. Athletic trainers will also advise on protective gear and on training equipment.

Athletic trainers work for sports teams, schools, colleges, clinics, health clubs, corporations, and hospitals.

Average salary: $25,000-$35,000

Educational Requirements:

Students should take challenging Science, Math, and English courses in high school.

 To be a certified athletic trainer, students must complete an educational program that includes 1,500 hours of supervised clinical experience. Most programs result in a bachelor’s degree from collegewith an emphasis in physical education.

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